Outline Approval

The outline approvals for up to 860 homes requires:

  • 258 of the homes to be affordable, available for shared ownership or affordable social rent
  • A new two-form entry primary school
  • Offsite contributions for secondary education
  • New shops and a community centre
  • A new park, 1 ha allotments and 13 ha open spaces. 10% Biodiversity Net Gain.
  • Financial contributions for improvements to library, medical, youth, highways, public transport and outdoor sports facilities

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Download the Approved Phase 1 and Phase 2 indicative plan

Phase 2 Outline Approval by the Development Management Committee – 27 July 2023

The Phase 2 Outline Application was subject to a resolution to grant (subject to the satisfactory completion of the Section 106 agreement) by the Welwyn Hatfield Borough Planning Committee on 27th July 2023. This adds a maximum of 210 more homes to the the north of the Phase 1 Outline Consent issued in 2020 for up to 650 homes.

Phase 2 Outline Consent – 13 February 2020

On 28 February 2019, Councillors voted overwhelmingly (12 votes for, one against) to resolve to grant outline planning permission for up to 650 homes.The rest of the year was spent completing the legal agreement with Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and Hertfordshire County Council so that formal approval could be granted.

The legal agreement was completed in early 2020 and outline planning permission was issued on 13 February 2020.

Minor amendments were then made to the layout of the outline approval via a Section 73 variation application to:

  • relocate the local centre (with shop and community hall) to the middle of the development to better serve the new residents and existing residents to the south.
  • introduce a more generous green corridor adjacent to the relocated local centre to provide better public access to the north and maintain the view to the Church of St Peter at Tewin.
  • relocate the main spine road through the site to follow the alignment of the former grass runway. A Reserved Matters planning application will be made to seek approval for the revised spine street.

These changes mirrored the Council’s submission to the Local Plan Inspector in respect of the consideration of the additional land to the north.